Incorrect map of Bulgaria

Hi, guys!
First of all let me say you’ve created a beautiful selection of sounds and I just adore it! That being said, I just tried to find if you had any sounds from Bulgaria and I was surprised to see the map about Bulgaria is not correct at all. Neither the country itself is in its right position, nor the cities in it.

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Hi @Stefana,

Thanks a lot for your comment.

I recognize that the maps that we use can be a bit confusing. It happened to me also, as I thought there was a mistake regarding one of the recordings in the border between Portugal and Spain.

The map that we use (provided by doesn’t show borders between countries, so it could make them look out of place. But I was looking at some of the big cities and cross-checking with Google Maps, and they seem in the right place.

If you could provide me with an specific example (e.g. a town or a city) in the wrong position we can look into it.

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