Listening & Meditation

Link to weekly meditation practice:
"I found a little meditation studio near where I lived in Philadelphia, and I started showing up on a regular basis to classes. That gave way to more intensive study of Buddhist philosophy and how to integrate meditation into my life as a whole.

After a couple of years of study together, my teacher asked if I would like to try leading a group.

Around the same time, I had discovered the concept of Deep Listening, a practice that “explores the difference between the involuntary nature of hearing and the voluntary, selective nature of listening.”

Meditation isn’t an easy process. People often resist the idea because they think you have to be “good at meditation” to meditate—in other words, anything less than a perfectly clear mind is not “really” meditation.

But meditation is really about the journey, and I started to think about listening as a means to guide people on that journey.

Sound—in the form of binaural beats, ambient music, healing frequencies, recordings of our environment, and even guided meditations—can help us achieve that same sense of clarity and calm.

These days, I run a small meditation group called Sound Sangha. We meet virtually for 45 minutes each week. I lead a guided meditation using Deep Listening techniques, and then we have a short discussion about a topic related to mindfulness, sound, listening, or attention. We’d love to have you join us.