Contributing soundscapes

Hi All,

I’m new here and wanted to ask if individuals upload recordings that can be played on the main site. I live in an area with few recordings and thought I could offer some of the natural sounds of the southeast US.

Thank you in advance!


Hi @SnailCreek,

Thanks a lot for your offer :smiley:

I have just published a post about that. Please check here: How to submit your recordings to



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Hi @borja ,
I have a few recordings just done with my phone which would not fit your criteria. What sort of equipment would be required as a minimum to make suitable recordings?


Hi @EOwen,

George Vlad, wrote this great article about recommended microphones.

If you scroll down to the price section he talks about the most affordable ones: “Small lavs like the Clippy or mikroUsi mics only cost a fraction of that, and wind protection for them is much more affordable (less effective too). It you’re just starting out these are a much better choice.”

Afterwards he talks about pros and cons of each microphone.

Nonetheless, we should add that professional field recording is not only about good equipment, but also a lot of practice and learning new skills!

I’m happy to see new people beginning this journey :smiley:

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