How to submit your recordings to


We see that many of you want to know how to contribute with new recordings to the map in, and your enthusiasm make us really happy!

The process to submit new recordings is quite manual at the moment, as we want to curate the recordings one by one to ensure their quality and adequacy to the site.

Before sending us a new recording for evaluation, please consider the following criteria:

  1. The recording must be completely antrophony free: this includes gear handling sounds or the recordist footsteps as well as distant sound sources,

  2. signal to noise ratio should be very low to unnoticeable,

  3. we don’t regularly accept mono recordings, and the balance between left and right channels should be balanced,

  4. only locations in wildlife (no zoos or similar),

  5. minimum length per recording: 5 minutes.

If your recordings fulfil the above criteria and you want to contribute to the map, please sign up and contact @melissapons for further instructions. Team